2011 m. sausio 24 d., pirmadienis

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I'm 32 and I have a little princess-daughter Aukse – she is my golden girl (in Lithuanian "auksas" means gold :) ). 2 years ago my husband and me decided to move to the village.
Now we live about 20km from the capital. It is a place surrounded by nature, close to the forest and river. We have mini farm: a persian cat and fishes.

I'm making my project bags and needles organizers with big big love. While I sew them I'm thinking about all these nice knitting projects they will hold inside one day. I like to knit, so I try to make the most comfortable bag for knitter.

All bags are from natural fabrics. Lithuania have old linen material traditions. All my bags and needle cases are from natural linen (100% linen or 50% linen and 50% cotton). This material is alive. it's breathing. Can you feel it?

All project bags and needles cases are my designs and all are handmade.

I have a wide variety of patterns: owl, ladybugs, sheeps. My fabric supplier has so many different patterns that everyone can find what he likes. I love roses and vintage style – that's how Blue Roses knitter bags was born. And when I was little girl I just loved Ladybirds. Lucky Sheeps are for yarnaholic like me - my passion is knitting and I love yarn and sheeps.

It's very important for me that people love my creations.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Have a good year and a lot of time to knit :)